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Aromatic Oil Massage

Soft relaxing massage that combines stretching and acupressure techniques. The healing properties of the oils penetrate the skin and increase the feeling of relaxation and wellness making sure you are fully relaxed.

30MIN – €35 | 60MIN – €70 | 90MIN – €100  120MIN – €130

Four Hand Massage

A rejuvenating, calming experience that guides your body through the restorative process that it deserves. With the four hand massage, you can increase the relaxation, effectiveness, and overall benefits of your massage with an additional therapist working on your aching and tired muscles.

60MIN – €100 | 90MIN – €140 
120MIN – €170

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage can release muscular tension, increase flexibility and mobility of joints and improve breathing. It helps to increase blood circulation, boost the immune system and promote mental clarity.

 60MIN – €80 | 90MIN – €120 
120MIN – €160

VIP Massage

Indulge yourself and enjoy a fantastic spa experience with Thai Massage Centre first-class services in an elegantly appointed, private VIP spa suite. Facial massage, manicure & pedicure, peeling then a shower & a full body massage.

60MIN – €100 | 90MIN – €140
120MIN – €180

Foot Reflexology

It relates reflex areas of the feet with the various organs of the body. By pressure at different points in the main organs to improve its performance and helps restore balance and harmony while they are stimulated.

30MIN – €35 | 60MIN – €70 | 90MIN – €100  120MIN – €130

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Deep Tissue massage targets and release deep layers of tension. It helps to unstick the muscle fibres, loosen the muscle tissue, improve blood circulation to assist with tissue repair, and reduce stiffness and tension.

30MIN – €35 | 60MIN – €70 | 90MIN – €100  120MIN – €130

Relaxation Massage

This is a gentle massage to help you relax. The therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure. There is less emphasis on working out chronic underlying muscle tension. You just want to drift away and feel good.

60MIN – €50 | 90MIN – €80  
120MIN – €100

Couple´s Massage

They say everything’s better in twos, but when it comes to a couple´s massage there’s no doubt this massage for two offers double the benefits and double the relaxation. side-by-side massage designed to be shared with a significant other or BFF where you can enjoy some bonding time.

30MIN – €60 | 60MIN – €120 | 90MIN – €160  120MIN – €200

Hot Stones Massage

Anti-stress massage using oils and hot stones to eliminate tension and reduce pain, offering peace and harmony. This technique allows manipulation of greater intensity in the muscles without causing great pressure or pain.

60MIN – €80 | 90MIN – €110 
120MIN – €150