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Massage for Golfers

The Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage for Golfers concentrates on relaxing the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, forearms and wrists to create a bigger shoulder turn, better hip & back flexibility, more powerful torque and a higher finish.

Golf Pack Massage

With the combination of Sports Massage with specific stretches, Massage for Golfers is a sure way to improve any golfers game. By creating flexibility where you are tight (usually low back, hips, shoulders and forearms), and by strengthening where you are weak (usually hip flexors and hamstrings). The golf swing is a violent, one-sided torque of the body. Massage for Golfers can really help golfers of every level reach optimal flexibility and strengthening in the back, hips, legs and arms.

Golf Pack Massage | 60 min – €90 | 90 min – € 120 | 120 min – € 160

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